Review – Wood and Smoke Barbecue

Review – Wood & Smoke Barbecue

If you commute in or out of Middletown through Middlefield, or cruise your bike in the summertime on this stretch of route 66, you’ve been driving past the derelict miniature golf course for years.  The windmill is gone now thankfully, replaced by Wood and Smoke Barbecue.  Essentially a couple of care-free style storage sheds, and a carnival trailer, Wood & Smoke Barbecue is putting out some bona-fide bbq.The Trailer

Unlike Taino Smokehouse, the king of bbq in central and northern Connecticut, there is no table service, heck, there isn’t even a dining room…Also no glacial wait or attitude, so that’s something.  You place your order at the trailer, the folks assemble your meal, and you sit at one of the umbrella shaded picnic tables, or sit in your car, or drive and home and sit in your kitchen, whatever. Just make sure you sit, because the bbq here is legit.  The menu for now is short and to the point. menuYou’ll find no trendy folderol here, just a couple of the lynchpins of bbq – brisket, and pulled pork, either as sandwiches or as a platter, with  a few token sides.  The pulled pork sandwich ($6.00) was nothing but shreddy, smoky deliciousness, served on a “kaiser” roll. Smoked correctly, without any fat or grizzle that is typical of a pork butt that was rushed out of the pit too soon.  Herr Kaiser marches out once again for the brisket sandwich ($9.00, ouch).  Brisket, a far more difficult cut to get right, gets nailed by Wood & Smoke Barbecue. The sandwich had a mixture of point and flat, a tell no lies smoke ring, and an honest bark.  mmm brisketThe meat was properly perfumed with smoke, and so tender and juicy, one might suspect a braise was part of the act.  Proprietor and pitmaster John, confirmed the brisket is smoked on the pit, and only the pit for a full 14 or so hours.  Two sauces are offered, a sweet and mildly vinegary version, and a “hot” version.   The hot brings a bright, fresh and spicy jalapeno dance to the party, and a nice change.  Unless you’re a sauce hound, neither is really necessary.

Located at Lorraine Terrace and Route 66 in Middlefield Connecticut (about a mile east of the Red Dog, or about a mile west of the Athenian Diner), Wood & Smoke Barbecue could become the new king of bbq (albeit no frills) in central and northern Connecticut.

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